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Reduce Stress: 14 Ways to Strengthen Your Coping Skills

Rick D. Lewis

How you deal with daily stress depends on your coping skills. Experts categorize them in many different ways, but there is one important distinction to keep in mind: Unhealthy coping skills hold you back, while healthy coping skills reduce stress and make it easier to reach your goals.

As a bonus, having constructive new strategies may also make it easier to break habits like overspending and emotional eating. That’s because you’ll experience less temptation when you have more fulfilling substitutes.

With practice, you can transform the way you deal with challenges.

This workbook gives you 14 ways to can strengthen your copying skills so you can reduce stress.

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Workbook with helpful tips to strengthen your coping skills so you can reduce your stress.

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Reduce Stress: 14 Ways to Strengthen Your Coping Skills

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